In August of 2005 we demolished the fraternity house that was located at 528 S Ridgewood. After being used continually for 30 years as a fraternity house our house was showing its age. After much debate the chapter decided to undertake the huge task to build a new house to better suit the chapter. This also left our chapter without a meeting place. Through the perseverance of our Housing Corp. we are trying to relocate to a brand new house located on campus.

This will make Delta Chi the first of any fraternity in Embry-Riddle history to have Greek house on campus. This can not happen fast enough for our brothers. So in the meantime, through the efforts of the brotherhood, working in conjunction with the Housing Corp, we are searching for a temporary house until the process with the new on campus house is completed. We are sad to learn though that on the list of priories we, the Greek community, come very low in the pecking order in the school’s importance level. So with this knowledge we quest for an off campus house by which this brotherhood can rest its head at night. Until the day the school decides to give us a hand in building a Greek row.

This is by far is the largest undertaking that the we have ever committed to. This is a exciting time to see the future of this chapter flourish in a new fraternity house that will be conducive to learning while providing a fun, brotherhood experience that can be found nowhere else.

More information is to come.