Greek Week couldn’t have started better. We started the week by winning two gold medals on Monday with Tug-o-War and Jousting. Tuesday wasn’t our best. We were eliminated during the first round of paint dodgeball. But that didn’t stop us; it only inspired us to try harder! Wednesday was the chariot race. We gave it our best and tried our hardest but during our second try, our chariot broke which left us at a standstill. Despite this, we were still able to bring home the bronze medal from this event. Thursday was the boat race. What might seem simple at a school full of engineers, proved to be a real feat. Unfortunately, we didn’t place during this event. The points are now neck and neck. We knew that the events on Friday would determine the winner. Friday was the cookoff and and baseball game. The cookoff consisted of an entree and dessert. But there was a twist… There were two ingredients that must have been included; our ingredients were jalapenos and blackberries. We won silver for the entree and gold for the dessert. Our hopes were high. The baseball game was scored based on the percentage of our chapter’s attendance. The majority of our chapter was in attendance. The last event was a week long event called Charity Miles. This smartphone app donates money to your choice of about 20 charities based on the number of miles you run, walk, and bike. The winner was determined by the number miles each greek organization had at the end of the week. We accumulated 838 miles! This put us in first place. This was the first time in years that the trophy had returned home to it’s rightful owner — The Embry-Riddle Chapter of Delta Chi! Thanks goes out to the Greek Week chairmen: Gabe Centeno and Misha Felton and honorary chairman Greg Smith.