The Brothers

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Fall 2019

Executive Board
Christian Allen Flohr – “A” (President)
Nolan Vores – “B” (Vice President)
Nicholas Short – “C” (Secretary)
Kevin Batz – “D” (Treasurer)
Christopher Haak – “E” (Alumni Secretary)
Mikey Mash – “F” (Risk Management)
Adam Georgevich- “G” (Brother-at-Large)
Justin Lollis – “H” (House Manager)

Active Brothers

Aldreaka Battle
Ryan Cino
Noah Dedig
Kyle Holt
Brett Krzynski
Tate Lambert
Jordan Lanham
Geoffrey Lippa
Noah Lozado
Andrew Luzio
Spencer McGrath
Padraic Owens
Chase Plattner
Deependra Pokhrel
Connor Quinn
Alec Ruffolo
Michael Sebastian
Alex Simpson
Alex Tran
Harley Valdez
Sebastian Wood
Nicholas Wright
Aaryan Pal

*Updated December 20th, 2020

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