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The Embry Riddle Chapter


The Embry-Riddle Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity had its beginning as a small local fraternity named Pi Sigma Phi. On November 6, 1967, Pi Sigma Phi was officially recognized on campus. The five founding brothers were:


Frank Alexander

Richard Cook

James Eckenrode

Raphael Palant

William Spruance

As a local fraternity, Pi Sigma Phi progressed and grew rapidly. The brothers of Pi Sigma Phi were approached by the Delta Chi National Fraternity with the proposition of starting a Delta Chi colony at Embry-Riddle. On April 6, 1970 the brothers of Pi Sigma Phi voted unanimously to accept this proposal, and subsequently, became a colony of Delta Chi on May 16, 1970. On September 20, 1970, all of the members of the local fraternity had become brothers of the Delta Chi Fraternity. On March 11, 1972, this colony of the Delta Chi officially became the Embry-Riddle Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity.

The Delta Chi Fraternity

The Delta Chi Fraternity was born on October 13, 1890 at Cornell University by eleven young law students as a law fraternity. Delta Chi remained a law fraternity, open only to those students studying law, until 1922. In April of 1922, after a constitutional change, the Delta Chi fraternity became a “general” fraternity, open to men in all areas of study. Henry V. McGurren the (AA) at the time, said “I am convinced that it not only desirable at this time to adopt the general fraternity amendment without delay, but that it is absolutely necessary for the unity and welfare of Delta Chi.” Years later in 1929, Delta Chi became one of the first fraternities to abolish hell week.

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